February 13, 2018, on the basis of the “Almaty Multidisciplinary College”, the Public Foundation “The Road to the Young” of the Republic of Kazakhstan presented the first media project “BOX LIVE QAZAQSTAN” jointly with Almaty Business Incubator (ABI).
The main objectives of the project Media:
▪ provide information and advice and legal assistance in the development of youth entrepreneurship within the framework of “Almaty Business Incubator;
▪ increasing interest in entrepreneurship among young people;
▪ accelerate the creation of new small enterprises, increase their resilience, sustainability and competitiveness;
▪ carrying out measures to prevent and remove administrative barriers, to help create and create an atmosphere of intolerance towards corruption in society;
▪ development of vocational guidance in educational institutions;
▪ improving the teaching and upbringing process, improving the level and quality of providing educational services in education organizations;
▪ formation of standards of professional business of small business;
▪ dissemination of advanced domestic and foreign experience.