Protecting environment and adaptation to climate change

The issue of protecting environment and adaptation to climate change attracts a lot of attention at educational institutions of Kazakhstan.

On 25 September, the Specialized Lyceum 165 in Almaty had organized, in coordination with UNIC Kazakhstan, the mock UN high-level meeting dedicated to the issues of environment and climate change.

The program of the high-level meeting consisted of the introduction of the Chair, description of the issues and overview of the ongoing discussions and action. The high-level representatives of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, China, USA, India, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Japan, and Libya took part in the meeting.

The “representatives” of the countries described the situation in their states, the national policies and programs, ongoing activities, efforts and accomplishments in reducing contamination and pollution of environment. Special attention was paid to development of the renewable sources of energy, use of clean materials, new technologies, processing of toxic industrial waste, and other areas.

Each country then stated its commitment and decisions on the further work.

The audience consisting of senior students of the Lyceum commented on the statements, asked questions, and added to the reports of the high-level delegates.

The statements, programs and reports on ongoing work were well prepared, referred to the real events, legislation, and were based on facts and scientific forecast. The working language of the “high level meeting” was English – also of very high quality, despite the intensive usage of official and specific terminology.