Secretary-General António Guterres message on the International Youth Day video



12 August 2019

International Youth Day is 20 years old. This year, Youth Day highlights
the theme of Transforming Education to make it more inclusive, accessible and
relevant to today’s world.
We are facing a learning crisis. Too often, schools are not equipping
young people with the skills they need to navigate the technological revolution.
Students need not just to learn, but to learn how to learn.
Education today should combine knowledge, life skills and critical
thinking. It should include information on sustainability and climate change.
And it should advance gender equality, human rights and a culture of peace.
All these elements are included in Youth 2030, the United Nations
strategy to increase our engagement with young people and support them in
realizing their rights.
Today, we celebrate the young people, youth-led organizations,
Governments and others who are working to transform education and uplift
young people everywhere.